Hi there! We are Leslie & RJ from Lincoln Nebraska. Years ago, we chartered a boat in the Virgin Islands and fell in love with the islands and each other. We saw an older couple walking hand in hand down the beach and decided then, that is what we wanted our future to look like.

We’ve traveled all over the world and found two truths: Music is a universal language and Strangers are just friends that we haven’t yet met. In our pursuit to satisfy our wanderlust, we’ve sang Journey’s “Don’t Stop, Believin” with Danes in Munich, Canadians in Thailand, Aussies in Ireland and Britts in Vietnam.

We continued to circle back & work towards our boat dream and 15 years later, we are here! Meet BelieveN. Her red “N” pays homage to our Nebraska roots.

We named her BelieveN, as a reminder to Believe in yourself. Pursue your dreams. Know that you are worth the effort. Take the leap. Sing the song. Make the friends. Live an amazing life – don’t just live. And whatever else you put your mind to, just don’t stop BelieveN.

We are so excited to be able to share a life changing experience & a little bit of Heaven, with you. We would love to be a part of your future stories!

– Leslie & RJ